Pioneer uses toxic chloride bleach to clean roofs. Ask them so you know for sure. Green bay & Pro roof cleaning utilize environment friendly solutions ONLY! So does pion..., the big difference is that Pro roof cleaning and Green bay roof cleaning do not then add 40% toxic chloride bleach to the cleaning solution. They start with the biodegradable, environmentally friendly solutions in the mix so that they may legally claim that they use them. It is a deceitful and misleading practice, and they should not be rewarded with your business. Ask them if they will be using bleach to clean your roof. You will then at least know what chemicals are being used to clean on your property.

Green bay roof cleaning (GREENBAYROOFCLEANING.COM), and Pro roof cleaning (PROROOFCLEANING.COM) are two such businesses that are located here in Green bay! Stay far away from anything that sounds too good to be true, such as an "exclusive softwash system, or makes claims of a "safe alternative to pressure washing". This means bleach! avoid the headaches. Hire either a low pressure softwashing roof cleaner, or a no pressure softwashing roof cleaner that utilizes eco and bio-friendly solutions and a hot water hard rinse. either of these techniques is safe for you, and safe for the enviroment!

Thank you for reading the above. My name is Tom, and I understand that it is you the customer that allows me to be self employed. That is why I treat every customer with respect and courtesy. My prices are always fair, and I do the best work possible on each and every roof.  I take great pride in  being a successful small business owner here in Green bay. I look forward to hearing from you whenever you would like a free estimate!

Thank you again,

Tom at Green bay roof cleaning