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My name is Tom, and I am the proud owner of Green bay roof cleaning. I have been cleaning roofs professionally in Green bay Wi. for more than 20 years. In that time, I’ve learned many valuable lessons. Rule number 1, never, ever use toxic bleach on a roof!! Never use toxic bleach for any type of exterior cleaning, but most importantly, not on your homes roof.

If a company makes claims of an exclusive softwash system, or ” a safe alternative to power washing (no one power washes roofs), you know right away toxic bleach is being used. Why is it important to stay clear of such a business? 1) you, as the home owner, are susceptible to as much as 50,000.00 per day fines! You would think it’d be the business that gets fined, but it’s the property owner.  2) The toxic bleach can and will kill landscaping, pets, and people. These companies often water everything down first, and will try and catch the bleach as it runs off the roof, but some will always get into the ecosystem around your home. Bleach is toxic, and it will take many years for it to dissipate enough so it is no longer a danger. 3) It will change the color of your roof. To what degree will depend on your roofs color, and what ratio of bleach they decided to use on your roof. If you go to softwashsystems.com, you will find them prominently shown as a believer in their bleach using techniques. Go to the chemicals page to find the percentage of bleach used with this technique (30-40%), not 2-4 % like he may claim. This business (relatively new to the roof cleaning trade) hasn’t a clue on how to safely and professionally clean a homes roof. They have no business cleaning there own roof this way, little lone a paying customers roof. It is just a matter of time before this business hurts or kills landscaping, a pet, even people. At Green bay roof cleaning, a new state of the art roof cleaning trailer produces hot water through the boiler. This makes using any bleach unneccessary. The 200 degree water I use for the hard rinse will help kill all algae (black streaks), fungi, lichen, or moss on the roof.

My prices are always very competitive and very fair. The business using bleach must overcharge in order to cover the  costs of hundreds of gallons of bleach! Call today for a free estimate. My name is Tom. I do all bidding, all work, and all follow up for Green bay roof cleaning!

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Tom at Green bay roof cleaning

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