Green Bay Roof Cleaning offers two main methods of preventing roof growth from coming back once the roof has been cleaned. One method is zinc strips that are placed near the peak of the roof. The zinc flashing is placed near the top of the roof so that when it rains, the rain itself will distribute zinc ions down the roof and those ions will retard and help prevent growths from reappearing on your roof. This method is effective, however, if your roof is more than 20 feet in length from peak to gutter, the ions from the zinc flashing will be used up by the time the rain reaches the bottom of the roof.

It has been our experience that a cheaper, and more effective way to prevent roof growth and staining after it has been properly cleaned is a growth and stain blocker. The most effective blocker, and the one we use for our customers is a milky white solution that is applied by evenly distributing it onto the clean roof. It works by forming a very thin barrier between the shingles themselves, and any possible growth that may be reintroduced to your roof’s shingles after cleaning. You only want to use this preventative product after all growths and staining have been properly removed by a professional roof cleaner. You do not want to seal any living organisms, or any staining under the invisible coating. If you chose to have this product applied to your roof after cleaning, there is an additional charge for this service. However, it will keep your roof looking stain free and clean longer.

Roof cleaning and stain prevention should be a part of any home maintenance plan. Your home is probably going to be the biggest investment you will ever make. Your roof is obviously a big part of that home. If your roof has an infestation of dangerous growths on it, that can also be unhealthy for that home’s occupants. Getting that roof professionally cleaned, and then adding a preventative invisible barrier to keep that roof clean longer will go a long way in your home’s appearance long term. It will also ultimately increase your home’s value and help in not having to replace your roof prematurely.

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